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About Our Co-Op

Posey County LLC is a farmer-owned supply cooperative with facilities in Posey and adjoining counties in southwest Indiana and southern Illinois, which is open to the public. The company was formed in 1927 by having area farmers each invest in one share of stock. The company continues to grow based on the needs of our customers, and a policy of honesty, quality products and services, and fair pricing are adhered to. Any profits generated are returned to the farmer-owners, retained for operating needs, and paid as income taxes. Following is a list of our facilities with the products and services offered. Give us an opportunity to serve you, we are a unique business with the customers' interests at heart.


235 State Road 68
Haubstadt, IN 47639
(812) 768-6695

St. Wendel

10420 Winery Road
St. Wendel, IN 47638
(812) 963-3391


2333 Highway
Grayville, IL 62844
(618) 375-7728

Mt. Vernon

817 W. 4th St.
Mt. Vernon, IN 47620
(812) 838-4468
(800) 276-7157


250 Railroad Street
Griffin, IN 47616
(812) 851-5761
(800) 276-7160


151 South Lockwood
Poseyville, IN 47633
(812) 874-2213
(800) 453-8326


3300 Interstate Drive
Evansville, IN 47715
Tri State Vet and Pet Supply
(812) 477-4793
(800) 489-9081

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We strive to meet the needs of our customers as promptly as possible. Feel free to call the branch closest to you and discuss how our operation can best meet your needs. Again, thank you for you interest in Posey County Co-op.
Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op
Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op
Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op
Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op



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  • Canola harvest progresses in Sask.

    Canola growers in Saskatchewan continue to progress with harvest but, lately, the crop is come off a bit tough from additional moisture.

  • Managing Foreign Material in Soybeans: Pre-harvest Preparations

    Soybean acreage has continued to grow in the region to meet both domestic and export demand.

  • Late Season Frost Injury Risks in Corn

    Environment Canada has issued frost advisories for most corn growing areas of the province for the nights of September 18 to 20 which are expected to be near or slightly below freezing.

  • Grain storage in Alberta

    What to consider when storing grain for the short and long term. ‘Farmers in Alberta along with growers in other prairie provinces have more grain storage than most of their worldwide competitors,’ says Ryan Furtas, market analyst with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. ‘However, having storage capacity can be a marketing advantage, but capturing a higher price by storing grain is not a guarantee.’

  • Prepare for Corn Harvest

    Much of the corn in Minnesota has reached maturity. Corn hybrids planted in Minnesota typically reach maturity at about 55 to 60 days after silking, or 10 to 12 days after kernels reach the half-milk stage.

  • Cattle are Part of the Climate Solution

    Rodale Institute: We’re in the process of updating Rodale Institute’s Regenerative Agriculture and the Soil Carbon Solution white paper and we wanted to talk to you about your influential work with cattle and rangeland soil carbon sequestration.

  • Throne Speech: Government’s Intention to Meet Its Commitment to Dairy Farmers a Positive Step, Says DFC

    Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) welcomes the renewed commitment in today’s Speech from the Throne on compensation for dairy farmers for the import access concessions made under the last three trade agreements.

  • Livestock Sector Seeing Improvements

    The backlog in the beef sector is easing as packing plants continue to process more cattle. Anne Wasko is Chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and President of Cattle Trends.

  • Harvest In Manitoba Is Ahead Of Schedule

    Harvest progress in Manitoba is slightly ahead of normal, according to the latest crop report from Manitoba Agriculture. Completion sits at 70 per cent, slightly ahead of the 3 year average of 68 per cent at this time.

  • Maximizing potassium nutrient efficiency

    We caught up with Ken Brett, District Sales Manager at APLINE, at the 2020 Great Ontario Yield Tour Virtual Final Event. Brett presented 'Maximizing Nutrient Efficiency with K-Tech® Potassium Products' on September 3, 2020.

Farmers Weekly

Farmers Weekly

The new boot truck is ready - Call 812-838-4469 to schedule an on-site visit to your place of work.

Posey County Co-Op Boot Truck

Posey County Co-Op customers:

While the Coronavirus is having an impact on all of our lives and our nation, we want to let you know what we are here and operating for your needs.

We realize that animals have to eat and they have no knowledge of this virus. They just want to know that there will be food in their bowl, pan, bucket or bunk.

We don't know what tomorrow will bring or what state/federal government might do, but for now we plan on being here to serve you.

If there is anything that we can do, or anything that you need please let us know,

Stay safe, stay well and stay calm.

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